Hello world!

For the second time.

Because I started this blog 4 or 5 years ago and in a fit of loyalty to husband, family and friends, decided I shouldn’t be keeping ANY secrets and deleted it.

And 4 or 5 years down the road of keeping secrets, because people generally can’t handle the truth (and I’m including myself as a people here so don’t judge me), I’ve decided I might as well write about them.

Anonymously, of course, because I’m just that prudent.

Or cowardly.  You choose.  I prefer prudent.

So, you know, this will be a very candid blog where I don’t filter much. I know, right?  SUCH an original idea!  I’m a ding-dang genius.

The trick is to maintain my dignity while still saying exactly what I think. Perhaps this will help me identify areas in which I need to modify my thinking.  Because, in the end, this blog is all about me, and if I can help anyone else feel just a little less crazy by reading my thoughts, so much the better.

So welcome to The Excitement Plan.  I’ll explain that title in another blog because I’m pretty sure I’ve already written past the fold.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

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  1. I should delete that generic comment, but I really, really love comments, and I need all the validation I can get, so I’m leaving it there. I would say “don’t judge me” again, but you know what? Go right ahead and judge me.

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