First World Problems

Speaking of The Excitement Plan... we're camping, and voices carry outside of tents but people don't seem to realize this. So last night my daughter and I were privy to the bedtime rituals of the young woman in the tent two campsites over.  It was a monologue that went something like this: "Ohhhh, nooooo." (This... Continue Reading →

Probably Long Enough

I watched today as a young mother ran to scoop up her toddler, who was making his way towards his father.  His father was preaching at the time, but this toddler had decided it was a good time to visit Daddy.  I watched his mother bundle him in her arms, smiling sheepishly, and carry him... Continue Reading →

The Freedom in the Truth

Interesting, this whole being-able-to-speak-my-mind-freely thing.  It's starting to rub off.  I'm starting to get comfortable with saying exactly what I think. Even when I think people might look at me funny. This, now..... this is huge progress.  I was raised with shame-based discipline, and somehow my mother communicated to me that above all else, I... Continue Reading →

Enough With The Labels Already

The shooting in Orlando has so saddened me. I braced myself for the onslaught on social media of inevitable vitriol centered around whatever a person's pet bandwagon is, but even that has been minimal. A bit about gun control, to be sure. A few posts from people saying that they sure hoped their Bible-believing friends... Continue Reading →

A Thing That Is Good

A friend confided to me yesterday about an argument she was having with her husband. Armed with fresh ideas from my own marriage counseling, I encouraged her via text to stop arguing about the content and go straight to "When you say that, I feel _______," because no one can argue about what you feel.... Continue Reading →

Of Ice Maidens and Colds

I'm sick.   We're all sick.  No, I mean, literally.  A very bad head cold is making the rounds and knocking the entire family off its collective feet. Which, you know, at the end of the school year when the stress level finally comes down a notch, is kind of to be expected.  All the overdoing... Continue Reading →

It’s a Fine Line

Watchmesurive commented a couple of days ago, "...I have found that sharing is healing, I always keep in mind not to bash anyone because I want to be authentic and that’s just not who I am." I've been mulling that over for the past couple of days. Because I so resonated with what she said... Continue Reading →

The Terror in Sharing

This is about the point, with this blog anyway, where I give up and delete the whole thing.  I've done it twice in the past, and both times convinced myself that it was out of loyalty to my friends and family. Right on schedule, that uneasy feeling crept up again after a few posts.  Once... Continue Reading →

Desperate Measures – Yet Heaven Is Near

So I've mentioned my husband has some social problems.  He's a really great guy, lest this blog start to look like a husband-bashing arena.  That's not my intent here.  So let me get that recorded up front.  A solid, loyal, kind, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly kind of guy. Just, you know, completely unselfaware at times. Some days are... Continue Reading →

Bad Company and Too Many Dogs

"Bad company corrupts good character" - the Greek poet Menander. Apparently this is a thing.  Bad company corrupting good character.  You end up being more like the people you hang around the most.  There is plenty of anecdotal advice about this on the Internet (or a quick Google search of it, at any rate).   And... Continue Reading →

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