Camping Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

So we went camping.  We do this a lot - it's the only vacation that fits my husband's boundaries of not flying/not sleeping in an unfamiliar bed/not spending much money.  Fortunately, I enjoy camping, so it works out. (Muffy quickly silences the whining voices threatening to erupt from her depths, wailing things like, "But HAWAIIIIIIIII.....",... Continue Reading →

Seeking Him Where He Is

I had time to think yesterday.  Or rather, I had time to pray.  I booked an outdoor tub at a local spa and had a blissful uninterrupted 20 minutes in a private garden courtyard. Now, when I got in the tub, I took off my wedding ring and dropped it in a transparent plastic water... Continue Reading →


So I've been thinking about that second picture I drew yesterday, of me walking away from the Giant Disappointment and into the future. It puzzled me, while I was drawing, that a backpack suddenly needed to be drawn on my back. I don't know... I think it has been well-established at this point that I'm... Continue Reading →

Looking Forward

So, since yesterday's post, I've thought a little more.  I came up with a new picture.  In this one, I am letting go of the Giant Disappointment and reaching for the Shiny New Future. So I liked that at first, but then I realized, that's just setting me up for unmet expectations. That's pinning everything... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Business

I just went back and reread my last few posts.  It's a good thing to do, now and then, especially when you suffer from MAMS (Middle-Aged Mom Syndrome), because it can remind you of what you have already realized and then promptly forgotten. At any rate, mystery solved as to the sudden sadness that hit... Continue Reading →

Whine Number three

My heart is aching tonight.  I've just returned from a vacation, and nothing really went wrong, apart from circumstantial stuff with neighboring campers.  I've come to accept that stuff - people don't know how to behave any more.  People don't understand about community and neighbors and being considerate. But that's a topic for another post,... Continue Reading →

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