Looking Forward

So, since yesterday’s post, I’ve thought a little more.  I came up with a new picture.  In this one, I am letting go of the Giant Disappointment and reaching for the Shiny New Future.

Okay, so I no longer have a beard, but now I have buck teeth.  Seriously.  Words are my thing. Not drawing.

So I liked that at first, but then I realized, that’s just setting me up for unmet expectations. That’s pinning everything on the future being Shiny and New.

And, you know, it will be New. I can give it that. But Shiny? No guarantees there.

So perhaps the future that I’m reaching for needs to just be the future. That’s all. Lowercase “f.”

Not necessarily shiny, but definitely new, because the one thing I can change is the future.

And actually, I have made some changes over the past few years, and as a result some fun new stuff has happened this year. I’ve been asked to teach some classes and seminars. I’m kind of liking this new Guest Speaker person I’m becoming.

So that’s something I can reach toward.

  • It doesn’t change the past.
  • It doesn’t solve the Issues.

But it does give me something to look forward to, and perhaps that’s the whole point.

Looking forward. Focusing on that, rather than the Giant Disappointment.

It’s a good thought.  It needs to percolate, but it’s a good thought. At any rate, I came up with a new picture:

That’s better. Not sure why that backpack appeared. But at least I have neither a beard nor buck teeth in this one. And it looks like the sky’s the limit. And more importantly, the Giant Disappointment has been left by the side of the road. Buh-bye now, GD!


3 thoughts on “Looking Forward

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  1. I like the picture! It’s a good analogy for turning your back on the past and embracing the future, whatever it may hold. There is no promise of it being good but there is always the potential for it to be so. Which is why we should all keep striving towards it 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I don’t know why drawing these pictures is helping, but they really do help me get my thoughts in order. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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