Double Plop-and-Drop Black Hole

So I started the day by saying, “Lord, let Your will be done today.  Not mine.  Let me not build my kingdom but let me build Yours.  Show me what You are doing so that I can align with You instead of chasing my own agenda.”

It’s kind of the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer (Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven).  It’s something I try to start every day with, and generally when I do manage to do that bending of the will and surrender to Him at least once a day, after a few days I notice that life starts humming along really well and He uses me in all kinds of ways in the lives of others.

And also that I stick my foot in my mouth a lot less.

So, I’d like to say that I’m super spiritual and pray this because it’s part of my spiritual discipline, but honestly, it’s more about it being the only reliable way I have found to prevent myself from sticking my foot in my mouth.

Anyway, I’m on an upswing with it again, having been through a recent Desert of Foot-Sticking and finally having gotten so sick of myself, I was desperate enough to remember that He bails me out of my own idiocy way quicker when I surrender to Him.

So I started it up again.

And so He has apparently taken me up on my offer.  Because this afternoon, just as I was picking up steam with some long-overdue lesson planning, prompted by the large and ugly deadline of the beginning of the new school year that looms much closer than I am comfortable with, I received a phone call from what I like to term a “Plop-and-Drop” friend.

I seem to attract this kind of friend.  Ever since my first child was born, I have found myself contending with the kind of friend that invites herself over, kids in tow, then plops down on your couch and drops all responsibility for her children, figuring that since it’s your house and you have kids the same age, you will watch her kids for her while she drinks your tea.

And then she doesn’t leave.  For HOURS.  Until you invent a place you Have To Be and leave the house yourself.  I even had one friend SIT IN HER CAR outside my house after she left, so I actually did have to drive away and stay out for an hour.

So today this friend called to ask if she could pick up some stuff she’d left at my house, and it sounded like a simple enough thing, just a hand-off at the door kind of thing, so I said sure, come on over, I’ll bag it up for you.  I met her at the sidewalk with it and she was just, I thought, about to leave with it when who should pull up but ANOTHER Plop-and-Dropper. This one has a computer that is a constant state of disarray, so she has to come over frequently to use mine to look things up and send emails.  Somehow she has started using MY email address in business transactions, being afraid that she won’t be able to check hers, so I’m now getting her email, too. I’m supposed to call her when I get the email.

I don’t.

She could, of course, pick up the phone and call this person she needed to email, but she canceled her house phone when she got an iPhone 6 a few months ago.  But then she put her iPhone down Somewhere In Her House and can’t find it.

So the two of them stood on the sidewalk with me having an immensely enjoyable conversation while I fidgeted, checked my watch, crept toward the house and generally tried to communicate that I was in the middle of working. In true Plop-and-Drop fashion, neither of them took the hint, but instead crept with me.  I finally cut off the conversation and said, “Well, I need to get back inside and get back to work, so I’ll talk to you guys later…” and they both happily FOLLOWED ME THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR.

Two hours later, I think they have both left.  I say I think because there’s a good possibility that one of them came back.  To use the computer.  I’m hiding in the back room, because if I go out there, it’ll start up all over again. I’m letting one of my daughters run point on it.

At any rate, I can’t help but wonder, is this what the Lord wanted me to do today instead of planning lessons?  Or is this the ploy of the Enemy trying to distract me from what the Lord wanted me to do today, which is to plan lessons?

Because I could make an argument in either direction.

But if it’s the former, then I feel like I have some attitude adjustment to do, because I was less than gracious inside as I was helping the one with her computer woes and giving the other one the attention she was craving.

And if it’s the latter then I don’t feel so bad about my attitude but dang, I just lost two hours into a Double Plop-and-Drop Black Hole and that’s just WRONG.


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