It’s Tuesday – Surely I Deserve Ice Cream

Today is Tuesday, so according to my emotional schedule, I’m too busy to worry.  In fact, Tuesday is kind of like my Friday, because I have no classes Wednesday and Thursday.

So Tuesdays are pretty dang good.  Today was no exception.  I mean, I really ENJOY my high school students Tuesday mornings.  It’s nice to be able to get paid to do your passion, which in this case is teaching teens to write.

After teaching, I worked out, and then ate a very healthy lunch, so I was feeling rather expansive this afternoon —  very fit and on top of things.  As I drove across town to pick up my son from his class, I thought I might treat myself to something.  Something amazing.  I had 880 calories left for the day, and only one meal to go, so if ever I could afford to have a treat, it was now.   Should I buy a shake at a drive thru?  Or a fancy coffee at a coffee chain?  Or perhaps I could try that new gluten-free bakery.  I couldn’t decide.

And I couldn’t quite let myself do it, either.

So I settled for parking in the shade in the parking lot of my son’s campus, eating a small pack of trail mix (with chocolate chips) and playing Candy Crush Soda Saga on my phone.

All of which I enjoyed, mind you, but it did occur to me that when we settle for the immediate, we may be missing out on the harder-to-procure but better.

Which then led me to wonder how many college classes I could have finished over the past few years if I had just stopped watching TV and playing puzzle games on the computer?

I really don’t want to think about that, actually.

I think I’ll just fire up a word game instead of a puzzle game on my phone, because then that feels like I’m really accomplishing something.  It’s educational, after all.

At least part of me is aware, however, that I am reaching for distractions to prevent myself from feeling the inevitable downward slide that will be set into motion early tomorrow morning at our marriage counseling appointment.

Plus we still have those stray puppies, and they are still peeing on everything.  I didn’t bring them into the house, but it’s apparently my job to get rid of them.

And now one of my dogs has developed a skin condition and the vet can’t see her until tomorrow afternoon, which means I won’t be able to visit my mother, who is still not feeling well.

And my oldest daughter has just barged into my room and lectured me, with tears, on the necessity of telling my oldest son he needs to move out so she can have his room, which crisis was brought on somehow by the printer being out of alignment and producing lines all across the photography project she waited until the last minute to print.

You know, forget this.  Neither Candy Crush nor AlphaBetty is going to help with this.  This calls for an episode of NCIS.

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