A Day In The Life Of

It’s been a day.

Monday is the day each week that I moderate a six-hour seminar to a bunch of 10th grade homeschooled kids.  I direct their independent study program, and once a week I get together with five of them to go over what they did the week before and do the group activities they can’t do at home.  We cover 7 or 8 subjects during the day.

That’s a lot of explanation, but anyway, that’s what I was doing today.  My BFF calls it “Monster Monday.”

While I was doing that this morning, my daughters were taking one of our dogs to the vet, because she has suddenly stopped walking and appears to be paralyzed down her left side.  She was a stray a neighbor’s friend’s son found on a construction site… one thing led to another and she joined our family about four years ago.  We have no idea how old she is but she has gray hairs.  So we were thinking this was the end.

One of my daughters was supposed to be spending the day with her director in her own six-hour seminar, but between a bad cold that hit her last week and the worry over the dog, who is kind of her dog, she stayed home.

Today was Debate Day in both of our seminars, so my daughter’s absence forced her debate to be pushed to next week. I felt like a bit of a heel about that, because as it turned out, she could have showed up for it if I’d pushed her.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but geez, I’m one of the other directors on that campus.  My daughter should not be the one not showing up for class for somewhat spurious reasons.

At any rate, my debate went as planned and emotions and stress was running high in the classroom as the students anticipated it. And I was a little distracted by the thought that I might get a call any minute to say, “We had to put Penny down,” but managed to push it out of my mind.  I finally got a text two hours after the appointment saying,

“Penny is not dying.”

Followed up by a second text that said,


Which made me laugh. In the middle of a discussion about Socrates.

122Oh, but also today, during our crayfish dissection, a man wandered into our classroom, which is at a church, and asked if I could help him find a person who worked at the church because he had some personal problems he wanted to talk to someone about.  Also, he needed an electrical socket to charge his phone.  He was a nice man, so it wasn’t scary or anything, but I had to leave the class for a few minutes to walk around the church to find a pastor or something.  I did find him a socket, but Monday is generally the church staff’s day off, so we didn’t find anyone, so then I had to find the director of our program, because she has all the phone numbers of the church people in her phone.

I finally returned to my class, only to find a woman, who had been accompanying the man, standing in the doorway to my classroom looking like she would rather be anywhere than there but apparently feeling like she couldn’t leave.  She told me that she couldn’t walk away with “all those children holding sharp objects” (the class age ranges from 15 to 17) and felt she had to supervise while I helped her friend.  But she was obviously not extremely happy about the whole dissection thing going on in the room.  You know, she didn’t really have to do that, but geez, what a woman!

Oh, but that’s not all.  Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I got a text from my oldest. You know, the 23 year old who moved out to start his own life.  Seems his wisdom teeth are impacted and he doesn’t know how the insurance works or what to do about it.  He seemed to be under the impression that he could just walk into an oral surgeon’s office today and get it taken care of.

So in between leading my class in the crayfish dissection and discussing the use of the Perfect Participle Passive in Latin, I was texting him to explain what the reality of the situation was.  I told him he needed to look up a list of oral surgeons on our insurance website and pick one close to his new place, and that he would need a ride there and back.

He then told me he doesn’t own a computer. His laptop broke.

It was straight out of Dana Carvey’s “Straight White Male, 60.”

“Yeah, I’m not very good at researching oral surgeons…. could yooooouuuuu doooo it???”

So while I was judging my class’ debate on “Resolved: The United States Government Should Ban The Use of GMOs,” I was researching oral surgeons on my laptop.  I’m not exaggerating.  And I was taking photos of the screen and texting them to my son.

So the bottom line on all of this is that tomorrow, after teaching two English Lit classes, I will need to take the dog back to the vet and find out what the blood tests say, and Wednesday, after seeing the therapist in the morning, I will need to find someone to give a ride to two of my kids to their PE class while I take my oldest to the oral surgeon to get his wisdom teeth removed, after which I will bring him back here so I can keep an eye on him overnight while he recovers, because his roommate is a nice young person and all but really shouldn’t be asked to take this on.

I mentioned all of this to my daughter’s friend, who I saw on campus this afternoon, and she replied, “Oh, so does that mean my piano lesson Wednesday is off?”  Yeah, I didn’t forget about that.  Totally didn’t.

By the way, I’ve had a bad headache for four weeks.  As soon as the insurance company gives the referral, I’m having an MRI and MRA.  My doctor thinks it might be stress related.


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