Chaos and The Cost of Not Trying

So I decided to clean out a closet. It was time.  I mean, it was two years overdue.  Three years.  Okay, eight. At any rate, I did it last week.  I threw out the clutter and made a useful space out of it, which made me happy on so many levels. In so doing, I... Continue Reading →

Where The Answer Isn’t

Dear Pastor: I realized something this week that is going to change everything.  In fact, I'm a little sheepish that I hadn't realized it before. I am not going to find the answer to my problem at church. Now please don't misunderstand this.  I'm not saying that there are no answers at church.  I'm not... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be Watching You

My daughter found out last night that someone has been watching her via a hidden camera. It's innocent enough - it was probably just an oversight. And yet. She was house-sitting for a family in the ritzy part of town.  She has been doing this on and off for a couple of years, every time... Continue Reading →

We Should Talk

How I love those words. So maybe this is a female thing,  but I LOVE it when someone says that to me, even if I think the ensuing conversation is going to be negative and fraught with tension. Okay, so maybe it's just me and I'm weird. But still.  I would rather talk about stuff... Continue Reading →

Desert Rose

So we quit therapy. I finally got to the point where I couldn't lay my heart bare week after week in session, receive a stammered apology and then be ignored for the rest of the week. So I called it quits.  I told the therapist and my husband that I was no longer willing to... Continue Reading →

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