Bouncing Back From Bummersville. Sort of.

I was dreading class today, expecting a repeat at this campus of the squirreliness of my Monday campus. My husband suggested I start class by telling the students what happened yesterday and asking them not to do that to me today.  I thought it was worth a try. It worked like a charm.  We had... Continue Reading →

Only Me

I mean, this is so Muffy.  This is quintessential Muffy. I was texting with my BFF, chiding her for her lame wishlist, which makes gift giving harder for me and today is Black Friday, darn it, and I was set to cash in on some savings and after all, it's All About Meeeee. One... Continue Reading →

Not Missing Out

So, I’m going back to school. Finally going to finish up that degree that was put on hold 24 years ago when the kids started coming. I have mixed feelings about this - excitement, certainly, because I love school. No, but really. I love taking classes. Like, probably too much. I’m the one sitting in... Continue Reading →

Worried/Not Worried

I'm not a worrier. But I'm worried. I have all these students - 30 young people between the ages of 14 and 18 between the three classrooms in which I teach.  A captive audience every week. A couple of weeks ago I woke up to a realization, probably because I'm planning to take a hiatus... Continue Reading →

Whole New Level Of Crazy

True Confession: So, I'm battling the flu.  Having spent the day on the couch yesterday, I decided to try to accomplish something today, so I started with something easy -- correcting lab reports. I sat at my desk for a good 10 minutes rearranging things and checking email and Facebook and even my bank account... Continue Reading →

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