Happy New Year

Going through the year’s photos, I came across this shot I took a while back.  It was early in the morning at a beach, and the sand had just been raked.  I took it because it reminded me of a clean start – no footprints ahead except the ones I make.

So I thought it was a fitting symbol for the new year.

Also, the horizon is wonky, because I’m me.

Happy New Year everyone!  Here’s to a fabulous 2018.  Let’s all do better in the areas we now know better, and let’s trust the Lord to show us what to do with all the rest! 🙂


UPDATE: I just read K E Garland’s post for today – while I simply gave a nod to Maya Angelou’s words, “When you know better, do better,” she has completely unpacked it.  I highly recommend you read it!

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