Resolve for 2018

I’ve been enjoying reading through everyone’s “Happy New Year” posts.  I found myself copying and pasting quotes from many posts because they were thoughts I didn’t want to forget, or that resonated deeply with my life.

So then I thought, if I enjoyed them so much, others probably would too.  So I’m sharing them here.  I placed a link back to the post from which each thought came on the name of the person who wrote it, so please visit these folks’ sites – these are some of the real gems of the blogosphere!


“Once I realize the power within me and release all that I have kept bottled up over the years by playing small, I will be a force to be reckoned with and pretty much unstoppable. I expect that moment to come this year.”  Shell Vera


“A new year is a blank slate; an open opportunity to create.”The Seeds 4 Life


“I have a Savior who loves me and wants to commune with me, even when I forget He’s there. I have a God who is there every morning before I wake, painting a one-of-kind sunrise just for me! I am able to witness and experience the incredible complexity of nature, all with senses designed to recognize them and give glory to their Creator! I am blessed! – Anthony Baker


“God has this amazingly creative ability to take my failures, moral or otherwise, and redeem those for future productivity” – Dawn Liz Jones


“I’ve earned the right to be crazy

and not know what the hell I’m doing thank you very much”

Tammy Mezera


“’Be a woman of courage’ –  Take risks in Jesus; he is wonderfully exciting. I mostly miss the excitement when I don’t take any chances.” Oneta Hayes


“I will celebrate my imperfections, because I am a beautiful work in progress.

Beauty Beyond Bones


“When you do these things altogether: be your true self, see others for who they are, and accept better circumstances, then you can live a more peaceful life.” K E Garland


To be on balance we really need to be standing on the rock of truth and speaking from that place in love. Everything else is a slippery slope.  Rebecca Luella Miller


We are no longer slaves to our circumstances, to our past, to other people’s poor behavior. Jesus Christ came to set the captives free. Healing is possible, restoration is possible, freedom is possible. – InsanityBytes22


“Jesus said to lay down one’s life for friends is the ultimate expression of love… Some folks don’t deserve help. Some are not capable of doing anything for us in return. Some are capable, but in our hearts we know they wouldn’t give us a fire extinguisher if we burst into flames. Help them anyway.”  Wally Fry


And finally, I’d love to share with you the photo that Lynn Abbott put on her New Year post, but copying and pasting an image pushes the limit of copyright past what I’m comfortable doing, so you’ll just have to click on her name and see it for yourself.  I need a print of it on my office wall!

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  1. Thanks for the pingback and enjoyed reading through the spotlights here. Going to contend with 2018 as the youngest and most adventurous of the years 🙂

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