When Failure Is Bad

So hey, how was your day?  Today, I sold two boxes of LEGOs to a stranger who has five kids under the age of 12.  Her kids promptly found two diabetic needles in the boxes. Pretty sure I'm now a contender for the World's Worst Homeschooler Award. The needles were capped, which means they were... Continue Reading →

When You Get What You Ask For

So my new adventure of working part time and taking online classes and suddenly having plenty of money to pay the bills with, that adventure? Yeah, it's not actually working out that way. I feel a little foolish because if it was me reading this, I'd be nodding sagely and murmuring, "Yep, saw that coming."... Continue Reading →

When Failure is Good

I didn't intend to start a series about negative emotions, but a pattern emerged and I've decided to go with it a bit. I watched a TED talk a couple of weeks ago by Kathryn Schultz on "Being Wrong." In it, she asked the audience how it feels to be wrong, and they said words... Continue Reading →

When Giving Up is Good

The word “irreparable” came to me yesterday. It’s not a word I use frequently, so when it popped into my mind I paid attention. The context in which it arose, and one of the main reasons I spent the day in profound sadness yesterday, was in regards to the damage done to my marriage by... Continue Reading →

When Sad Is Good

I woke up sad today. It had nothing to do with recent events, because I actually woke up feeling pretty positive about the day and inwardly rejoicing over recent accomplishments. And yet, at the same time, I was sad.  It was a deep, pervasive sadness that could not be pushed away by focusing on the... Continue Reading →

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