When Failure Is Bad

So hey, how was your day?  Today, I sold two boxes of LEGOs to a stranger who has five kids under the age of 12.  Her kids promptly found two diabetic needles in the boxes.

Pretty sure I’m now a contender for the World’s Worst Homeschooler Award.

The needles were capped, which means they were unused and safe, but still.

One day I will use this as an anecdote to illustrate, oh, I don’t know, humility maybe.  Or preparedness.  Or How To Be A Decent Human Being, because decent human beings don’t sell boxes with needles in them to families with five small children.

Yes, one day I will laugh about this.

But that day is not today.

2 thoughts on “When Failure Is Bad

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    1. Aw, thanks Lynn. I’m still cringing about it today. I’m writing it off as a symptom of my aforementioned state of “Mom being too busy to spring clean and kids investing more in excuses than chores.” Which encourages me that now that I’m gainfully unemployed, it really, REALLY is time to rectify that!


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