Next Time in Heaven

You guys!!!  Seriously.

My class just ended.   Just wanted to share this followup for those of you who have been praying for my classmate JL.  I’m sitting here in tears again after her last post in the class forum:

When I started this class one of the first questions I answered was what my purpose was. I truly thought I had it all figured out. It was not until about two weeks into the class that I realized how empty I felt and why. I felt empty because I have never opened my life to God. Now that my eyes have been opened there are a lot of things that make so much sense, and my journey has finally begun.

This change was due to the assignments from this class on Genesis. I had never read the bible, or been taught about God or Jesus. To understand first hand, from my readings, how the universe was created was mind blowing. It gave me a whole new outlook on life, and religion. I am also grateful for (Muffy); she was helpful with questions I had about some of the discussion questions. Overall if I had not taken this class I would still be in the dark. So thank you for all the required readings and assignments that lead to my heart being open, and my life now having a true purpose.

I’ll probably never meet her here on Earth but one day when we both get to heaven, we are going to have a special Christian Worldview 101 reunion!

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