Missing You

My mother looked at me today With sleep-blurred eyes and hair askew Still in her nightgown at 11:30 a.m. And waiting for someone to come turn off that awful movie on Turner Classic Movies with that one singer who just can't act Because she couldn't reach the remote (my Mom, not the singer) And didn't... Continue Reading →

Perhaps I Can Simply Love

I've spent this week separating feelings from truth. Because, as my counselor pointed out, while feelings can sometimes point us toward the truth of a situation, sometimes they are just feelings.  Sometimes they lag behind the truth that we have discovered in a situation, so while our minds understand it, our feelings are still operating... Continue Reading →

Standing Up

Counseling has been getting real these days.  My counselor called me on my constant referral to "the terrible wounds" that have resulted from my marriage and asked me to define them. Off the top of my head, I couldn't. Partly because I had stuffed them into a deep dark hole so I wouldn't have to... Continue Reading →

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