The Best Bad News I’ve Heard In A While

Yesterday my phone rang. It was my son's doctor. Or rather an assistant from that office, calling to tell me that since my sons latest blood test shows an autoimmune thyroid disorder, the doctor was prescribing Levothyroxine for him. My response was, "My son's what shows what??" Because no one had thought to actually give... Continue Reading →

Dude, Do You Even Work Out?

I had a difficult phone conversation with my husband yesterday.  He called to ask me some questions about the various repair projects we're having done to the house. Which was fine. But I realize now he was in a mood, so he made every part of the discussion much more difficult than it needed to... Continue Reading →

Sufficient Grace

I've been thinking about grace a lot lately. Coming to terms with my own sin in the past few weeks probably spurred this on.  And being sick and having nothing to do but think didn't hurt. At any rate, I was thinking about grace.  I think it doesn't get taught often enough from the pulpit.... Continue Reading →

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