Who Needs Psychology When You Can Get Affirmation in an Elevator?

Today I bought a new jacket and was wearing it to an appointment with a new psychologist, who seems to get where I’m coming from and is taking my situation seriously, unlike the leadership of my church who want to shove me into a “submit to your husband and all will be well” box and ignore the years of emotional abuse.

On the way up to my appointment, carrying a cup of coffee I had just bought, I remarked to the woman with whom I was sharing the elevator, “I’m trying to decide if this coffee is really decaf. Because I’m wayyyyy too happy right now for it to be decaf.” She commiserated and asked if I would throw it out and I told her I was going to have to, despite the pretty penny I paid for it.

Fast-forward 15 minutes to the point where I entered the office where I had the appointment, to find my elevator friend was sitting behind the reception desk. She looked up and said, “Hey, it’s spiffy coffee lady!!”

That made my week.

Yes, I am that shallow.

I’m considering having a pin made.


4 thoughts on “Who Needs Psychology When You Can Get Affirmation in an Elevator?

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  1. Now, I LOVE that story! Upbeat. You have a gift. How are you doing, sweet friend? Iโ€™m trusting God for your complete healing, and He shows up and shows off. When you are weak, you are strong.


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