Grief. And Online Articles That Read Like A High School Essay Assignment.

I'm embracing the fact that I'm in grief.  My psychologist told me to pay attention and be mindful about it.  So instead of just writing down two things I'm grateful for each day, I'm also writing down two things that make me sad. Today's pithy thought was, "This break-up is stupid and there's nothing I... Continue Reading →

I Spoke

I think the past few years have been primarily about me finding my voice.  And getting myself and my kids to a place of emotional safety, of course, but none of that could have happened if I hadn't found my voice. Which is a little ironic, if you had known me for years, because there's... Continue Reading →

So This Happened This Morning

The gentleman on the left is Josh, a sweet special needs man who is filled with joy and spreads it wherever he goes.  The gentleman on the right is Pastor Doug, the associate pastor of my new church, who had just finished preaching. At the beginning of the closing worship set Josh reached up and... Continue Reading →

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