Grief. And Online Articles That Read Like A High School Essay Assignment.

I’m embracing the fact that I’m in grief.  My psychologist told me to pay attention and be mindful about it.  So instead of just writing down two things I’m grateful for each day, I’m also writing down two things that make me sad.

Today’s pithy thought was,

“This break-up is stupid and there’s nothing I can do about it but I’m still the one being judged.”

Which makes me feel like a broken record, but I think the more I acknowledge being stuck there, the greater the chance I can move on.

I went online to find articles about grieving during a separation, and most of them simply took the standard stages of grief and applied them to a break-up scenario, but it was helpful to read through and recognize things I’m feeling and doing from that perspective.

And then there was this sentence in an article that was obviously written by someone who was assigned it as a research project but is not actually knowledgeable in the psychology field:

I mean… it made me laugh, so I guess it was helpful after all…

2 thoughts on “Grief. And Online Articles That Read Like A High School Essay Assignment.

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  1. Does that person even know what the word depression means let alone what it actually feels like? “you may feel extremely down”? It would be laughable if depression were not such a serious issue. Unless you have experienced it I don’t think you can “get” what it is all about. I know that was how it was for me. And who can implement anything when you are under the weight of depression? Just getting out of bed in the morning may be all you have energy for let alone applying coping mechanisms–and all of them! Wow. They would get a failing mark from me if I were evaluating that essay. Even when we have the Lord, it is difficult to hold on to Him during times of grief and depression. In fact, I think it’s more Him holding on to us until we come to the place where we can really look at our emotions in a way that we can begin to deal with them. May your journey through the grief not be prolonged beyond what needs to be. God bless you and lift you up through it all.

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