Today I had time to spend between work and a dinner with a friend, so I went shopping, took my wedding ring to a jeweler, visited the beach and had a glass of wine at my favorite wine bar… by myself.

And I sat there feeling perfectly comfortable at the wine bar and asking myself, “who IS this woman?”

And it feels really good.

Also, it turns out my wedding ring diamond is so small and cheap the jeweler only wants the gold.

Which speaks reams not only to how low my ex’s estimation of me was but also to how codependent I was that I let him make me feel guilty for the money he had to spend on this (apparently) worthless piece of jewelry.

This hurt at first. Because that ring symbolizes my marriage. It symbolizes what I was worth to him.

But now I’m beginning to be amused. I mean, what did I expect?

And this is one of the last pieces of house cleaning I need to do… and that feels amazing.

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  1. Hello! Thank you for this update. Moving on can be hard. You are doing a great job of adulting and being a good mom. Know that always: You are enough. You are worthy to be respected. You and God are a majority.

    Warmly, your friend, PattiLu

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