I’m over 40, female, average height, average weight, not much standing out except my bright red hair, with three kids and a husband.  I teach English, majored in journalism, like to travel and love to write. Can’t draw my way out of a paper bag, so I’m thinking instead of adding photos to this site, I might just draw stuff.

I’m also a PK, moved around a lot as a kid, which is maybe why I like to travel.

I had great ideas about what adult life would look like.  I offered my services to God when I was 14 and was sure He was going to take me up on it (read: send me to the exotic places I had decided would be fun to evangelize).  He didn’t.  Or rather, He did, but in His way, which means I find myself living in a large American city, raising my own children and teaching other peoples’ children, but for financial and other reasons, not traveling much at all, and certainly not living the Glorious Life Of Full-Time Ministry For Gawwwddd (you have to say that last word in a very holy Southern kind of accent).

So it’s a bit disappointing.

(Do you see what I did there?  That’s what we English teachers call understatement.)

At any rate, being a PK and a fine upstanding member of a church, where a lot of people know me, I have learned to hold my tongue.  Because people don’t want to hear the truth.

But the truth is, I need to say the truth.  I need to tell it.  It needs to come out sometimes. So I reasoned that if I put it HERE, I can get it out, but no one gets hurt.

(Read: Me.  I don’t get hurt.  No one gets mad at me.  It’s all about the not getting mad at me.)

With any luck, no one will ever trace this blog to me.  With any luck, this blog will not become the overnight sensation of my dreams but will continue to plod along in obscurity, so I won’t ever have to ‘fess up to the words I write on these pages.  With any luck, only my best friend and I will ever know that it’s me writing this.

With any luck, and the fact that I have flat out lied about some of the details in this About page.  😀




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