On Mission With Words

I hopped on my blog today to write about how off-kilter my focus had been when I started taking the Christian Worldview class I'm currently enrolled in.  I was so focused on passing, with an A.  So completely missing the point.  And I so have changed that focus now. And then I realized I already... Continue Reading →

My Word

A few years ago I started picking one word to represent each new year. Were I really good, I would be able to produce a list and muse about the progression through the years of the words. I am, however, a mother, teacher, wife, daughter, and all around slayer-of-drama. Which means my internal memory card... Continue Reading →

Resolve for 2018

I've been enjoying reading through everyone's "Happy New Year" posts.  I found myself copying and pasting quotes from many posts because they were thoughts I didn't want to forget, or that resonated deeply with my life. So then I thought, if I enjoyed them so much, others probably would too.  So I'm sharing them here. ... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Going through the year's photos, I came across this shot I took a while back.  It was early in the morning at a beach, and the sand had just been raked.  I took it because it reminded me of a clean start - no footprints ahead except the ones I make. So I thought it... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

Thanks to spudbuddette at Focus and Refocus for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Here's what my About Me page says about why I started this blog: Being a PK and a fine upstanding member of a church, where a lot of people know me, I have learned to hold my tongue.  Because people... Continue Reading →

I Have 99 Problems…

...and I'm pretty sure that 75% of them are dishes that no one will admit to dirtying. We have instituted a new system in the kitchen. (And by "we" I mean my oldest daughter, who came up with this idea and is convinced it is the Answer To All Things Dish Related, and made such... Continue Reading →

As The Pendulum Swings

So it's been a while.  Because school started, which has been amazing and fun and my students, yet again, are the most wonderful people on the planet and I can't wait to get to class to teach, share and discuss. But that leaves very little time for blogging. And I know, I know, my 8... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Business

I just went back and reread my last few posts.  It's a good thing to do, now and then, especially when you suffer from MAMS (Middle-Aged Mom Syndrome), because it can remind you of what you have already realized and then promptly forgotten. At any rate, mystery solved as to the sudden sadness that hit... Continue Reading →

Probably Long Enough

I watched today as a young mother ran to scoop up her toddler, who was making his way towards his father.  His father was preaching at the time, but this toddler had decided it was a good time to visit Daddy.  I watched his mother bundle him in her arms, smiling sheepishly, and carry him... Continue Reading →

The Freedom in the Truth

Interesting, this whole being-able-to-speak-my-mind-freely thing.  It's starting to rub off.  I'm starting to get comfortable with saying exactly what I think. Even when I think people might look at me funny. This, now..... this is huge progress.  I was raised with shame-based discipline, and somehow my mother communicated to me that above all else, I... Continue Reading →

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