Of Palm Trees and Why I Take Photos

So the thing about having lived with a gorilla... well... the thing about REALIZING you have lived with a gorilla for 30 years... Yeah. It hits a little hard. And I'm fairly aware of how hard it is hitting, because instead of dealing with it, I find myself posting photos of palm trees on my... Continue Reading →

True Peace Takes Time

This whole new thing I'm doing, speaking up for myself... this whole telling the truth thing. The refusing to continue to keep the peace thing... So as it turns out, when you do that, you don't actually have peace. At least, not right away. I've always prided myself on being a quick study. And then,... Continue Reading →

When Giving Up is Good

The word “irreparable” came to me yesterday. It’s not a word I use frequently, so when it popped into my mind I paid attention. The context in which it arose, and one of the main reasons I spent the day in profound sadness yesterday, was in regards to the damage done to my marriage by... Continue Reading →

Receiving a Legacy

A weird side-effect of my brother's situation has begun to manifest in my own life.  I have begun to be more disciplined. I'm not the kind of person who reacts outwardly with great emotion.  Half the time, my reactions are scheduled for 3-4 days down the road, which is many times annoying but sometimes useful.... Continue Reading →

Getting Love Right

So I have this one student. She's a PK (Preacher's Kid).  And lately she's been displaying typical disrespect-for-authority Preacher's-Kid-angst. Now, I too am a PK, although I came to it late enough in life that I avoided a lot of the angst.  So I get it. Lately, though, she has been just over the top. ... Continue Reading →

All Things. Even This

I last wrote from the kitchen floor.  I have since gotten up from it. I spent a lot of wee-hour time in prayer that night.  I'd like to think that I'm actually that much of a super-Christian, but in reality the dogs needed to go out at 3 a.m. and I couldn't get back to... Continue Reading →

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