The Flowchart

It's been a few more days.  A few more days of peace in my household. One of the strange things, but not so strange, if you think of it, is that it's suddenly easier to keep the place tidy.  I mean, sure, with my husband gone, there is one less person here. But he's gone... Continue Reading →


Meeting #2 happened.  This time I spoke up for myself.  I told my small group leader ahead of time that when I am in a room with my husband, my brain shuts down and I can't speak about what exactly the problem is.  She told me I had to speak up. I told her I... Continue Reading →


My husband and I had our meeting with the pastor.  This should be the place where I relate in glowing terms how encouraging it was now that my husband is in his new-found state of repentance. Well.  "Should."  Whenever I start talking in terms of "should" I tend to get myself into trouble. Needless to... Continue Reading →

Of Sunbeams and Chirping Birds

Just when you think you know what's going to happen next... Yesterday my husband repented.  Deep, real, remorseful, sob-wracked repentance.  He told me what he's done wrong all these years, how he did it, why he did it and how badly he feels for having done it. And it wasn't just one conversation.  It was... Continue Reading →

When Failure Is Bad

So hey, how was your day?  Today, I sold two boxes of LEGOs to a stranger who has five kids under the age of 12.  Her kids promptly found two diabetic needles in the boxes. Pretty sure I'm now a contender for the World's Worst Homeschooler Award. The needles were capped, which means they were... Continue Reading →

When Giving Up is Good

The word “irreparable” came to me yesterday. It’s not a word I use frequently, so when it popped into my mind I paid attention. The context in which it arose, and one of the main reasons I spent the day in profound sadness yesterday, was in regards to the damage done to my marriage by... Continue Reading →

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