Receiving a Legacy

A weird side-effect of my brother's situation has begun to manifest in my own life.  I have begun to be more disciplined. I'm not the kind of person who reacts outwardly with great emotion.  Half the time, my reactions are scheduled for 3-4 days down the road, which is many times annoying but sometimes useful.... Continue Reading →

My Word

A few years ago I started picking one word to represent each new year. Were I really good, I would be able to produce a list and muse about the progression through the years of the words. I am, however, a mother, teacher, wife, daughter, and all around slayer-of-drama. Which means my internal memory card... Continue Reading →

Only Me

I mean, this is so Muffy.  This is quintessential Muffy. I was texting with my BFF, chiding her for her lame wishlist, which makes gift giving harder for me and today is Black Friday, darn it, and I was set to cash in on some savings and after all, it's All About Meeeee. One... Continue Reading →

Not Missing Out

So, I’m going back to school. Finally going to finish up that degree that was put on hold 24 years ago when the kids started coming. I have mixed feelings about this - excitement, certainly, because I love school. No, but really. I love taking classes. Like, probably too much. I’m the one sitting in... Continue Reading →

My New Superpower

The most amazing thing happened today. Well, it started yesterday, when I got upset. That wasn't amazing.  That hurt.  I had asked my kids to pitch in on getting the house ready for the exterminators to rid us of termites.  They never came out and said, "No."  They just didn't do it. Come to think... Continue Reading →

A Well-Labeled Life

I posted this on Facebook the other day.  When I post this type of humor, my friends generally jump in with me with “been there done that” comments, but there’s always that ONE.  That ONE person who feels she has to take the joke seriously and speak up. My BFF and I tend to lay... Continue Reading →

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