The Risk We Take To Love

So the emails and messages in response to my Facebook "bomb" the other day are still trickling in.  I'm up to 91 reactions and 118 comments.  I haven't even counted the messages and emails. And here's what I noticed - those who are cautious and simply say they will pray for the family tend to... Continue Reading →

The Second Scariest Thing

After going on three weeks of my husband being out of the house, and trying to toe the line with pastors and church leaders during this situation, I finally had to write this letter to all of them.  It has become clear to me that there are two contradictory voices speaking into my situation -... Continue Reading →

A Well-Labeled Life

I posted this on Facebook the other day.  When I post this type of humor, my friends generally jump in with me with “been there done that” comments, but there’s always that ONE.  That ONE person who feels she has to take the joke seriously and speak up. My BFF and I tend to lay... Continue Reading →

Where The Answer Isn’t

Dear Pastor: I realized something this week that is going to change everything.  In fact, I'm a little sheepish that I hadn't realized it before. I am not going to find the answer to my problem at church. Now please don't misunderstand this.  I'm not saying that there are no answers at church.  I'm not... Continue Reading →

Submission With A Brain

There was a sitcom in the 70s, a spinoff of "Barney Miller," in which Abe Vigoda played a crusty detective who became a foster parent to five street kids. It was called "Fish." I loved the show (I'm aware I just totally dated myself), but one brief scene has stuck in my memory and still... Continue Reading →

It’s a Fine Line

Watchmesurive commented a couple of days ago, "...I have found that sharing is healing, I always keep in mind not to bash anyone because I want to be authentic and that’s just not who I am." I've been mulling that over for the past couple of days. Because I so resonated with what she said... Continue Reading →

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