Today I had time to spend between work and a dinner with a friend, so I went shopping, took my wedding ring to a jeweler, visited the beach and had a glass of wine at my favorite wine bar… by myself. And I sat there feeling perfectly comfortable at the wine bar and asking myself,... Continue Reading →

When You Get What You Ask For

So my new adventure of working part time and taking online classes and suddenly having plenty of money to pay the bills with, that adventure? Yeah, it's not actually working out that way. I feel a little foolish because if it was me reading this, I'd be nodding sagely and murmuring, "Yep, saw that coming."... Continue Reading →

Desert Rose

So we quit therapy. I finally got to the point where I couldn't lay my heart bare week after week in session, receive a stammered apology and then be ignored for the rest of the week. So I called it quits.  I told the therapist and my husband that I was no longer willing to... Continue Reading →

Honey, I Fired The Kids

So, I'm the Queen of Chore Charts. It was about 15 years ago that I started requiring my children to do chores. It would have been quicker to get the stuff done myself, but I wanted to teach them how to take care of a household so that they would be able to take care... Continue Reading →

Camping Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

So we went camping.  We do this a lot - it's the only vacation that fits my husband's boundaries of not flying/not sleeping in an unfamiliar bed/not spending much money.  Fortunately, I enjoy camping, so it works out. (Muffy quickly silences the whining voices threatening to erupt from her depths, wailing things like, "But HAWAIIIIIIIII.....",... Continue Reading →


So I've been thinking about that second picture I drew yesterday, of me walking away from the Giant Disappointment and into the future. It puzzled me, while I was drawing, that a backpack suddenly needed to be drawn on my back. I don't know... I think it has been well-established at this point that I'm... Continue Reading →

Looking Forward

So, since yesterday's post, I've thought a little more.  I came up with a new picture.  In this one, I am letting go of the Giant Disappointment and reaching for the Shiny New Future. So I liked that at first, but then I realized, that's just setting me up for unmet expectations. That's pinning everything... Continue Reading →

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