Breaking Bad. Well, Breaking Dishes, Anyway.

That moment when it makes perfect sense to throw a counterful of dirty dishes into the kitchen trash. No, but it seriously did.  It's not that I am completely unhinged. Sometimes, when plain English fails, when polite appeals and gentle reminders and stern warnings also fail, it's the only thing left to do to get... Continue Reading →

I Have 99 Problems…

...and I'm pretty sure that 75% of them are dishes that no one will admit to dirtying. We have instituted a new system in the kitchen. (And by "we" I mean my oldest daughter, who came up with this idea and is convinced it is the Answer To All Things Dish Related, and made such... Continue Reading →

As The Pendulum Swings

So it's been a while.  Because school started, which has been amazing and fun and my students, yet again, are the most wonderful people on the planet and I can't wait to get to class to teach, share and discuss. But that leaves very little time for blogging. And I know, I know, my 8... Continue Reading →

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