The Freedom In Not Believing

We finally had that session I was waiting for.  I explained how our conversation of a few weeks ago had gone South so very badly. And then I sat there and stared at my shoes, still new enough to make me smile inside, as he burst into tears and blurted out "I just don't know... Continue Reading →

Honesty To Drown In

Today is the first chance I've had to think for days.  Last week we hit the ground running with our counseling appointment Wednesday and I haven't had a moment to process since. It was good.  I remember that.  Enough good was done that some pressure lifted, because the next two blogs I wrote were not... Continue Reading →

A Bic Flick of Hope

I'm sitting in this week's counseling session, holding on to the thought I came in with, that this is completely hopeless and the most we can hope for is to relieve some pressure with some behavior modification.  I keep my eyes fixed on the glass fish, and it stares back, mocking me.  Someone moved it... Continue Reading →

Rant Number Four

Yesterday I made a reference in my post to "that blasted glass fish," and then today realized I never posted the post I was referring to. So against my better judgment, since at some point I decided not to publish this, I'm going to publish it anyway. ********** 4 Weeks Ago *********** I called my... Continue Reading →

As The Pendulum Swings

So it's been a while.  Because school started, which has been amazing and fun and my students, yet again, are the most wonderful people on the planet and I can't wait to get to class to teach, share and discuss. But that leaves very little time for blogging. And I know, I know, my 8... Continue Reading →

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