Dude, Do You Even Work Out?

I had a difficult phone conversation with my husband yesterday.  He called to ask me some questions about the various repair projects we're having done to the house. Which was fine. But I realize now he was in a mood, so he made every part of the discussion much more difficult than it needed to... Continue Reading →

Perhaps I Can Simply Love

I've spent this week separating feelings from truth. Because, as my counselor pointed out, while feelings can sometimes point us toward the truth of a situation, sometimes they are just feelings.  Sometimes they lag behind the truth that we have discovered in a situation, so while our minds understand it, our feelings are still operating... Continue Reading →

When Giving Up is Good

The word “irreparable” came to me yesterday. It’s not a word I use frequently, so when it popped into my mind I paid attention. The context in which it arose, and one of the main reasons I spent the day in profound sadness yesterday, was in regards to the damage done to my marriage by... Continue Reading →

When Sad Is Good

I woke up sad today. It had nothing to do with recent events, because I actually woke up feeling pretty positive about the day and inwardly rejoicing over recent accomplishments. And yet, at the same time, I was sad.  It was a deep, pervasive sadness that could not be pushed away by focusing on the... Continue Reading →

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