I had some roses in a vase this week, cut from a bush in the back yard. Most of them had run their course and were starting to drop petals but there was one bud that hadn’t yet opened. When I went to throw out the overblown roses I noticed the water had evaporated and... Continue Reading →

Standing Up

Counseling has been getting real these days.  My counselor called me on my constant referral to "the terrible wounds" that have resulted from my marriage and asked me to define them. Off the top of my head, I couldn't. Partly because I had stuffed them into a deep dark hole so I wouldn't have to... Continue Reading →

The Freedom in the Truth

Interesting, this whole being-able-to-speak-my-mind-freely thing.  It's starting to rub off.  I'm starting to get comfortable with saying exactly what I think. Even when I think people might look at me funny. This, now..... this is huge progress.  I was raised with shame-based discipline, and somehow my mother communicated to me that above all else, I... Continue Reading →

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