In Which I Repent of Keeping the Peace

I woke up with thoughts of yesterday's realization running around my brain. My takeaway that I needed to pray instead of making life-changing decisions on my own was one thought, but I realized that I can't focus on that on a day-to-day basis.  That's an important attitude to change and action to take, but it's... Continue Reading →

Whine Number three

My heart is aching tonight.  I've just returned from a vacation, and nothing really went wrong, apart from circumstantial stuff with neighboring campers.  I've come to accept that stuff - people don't know how to behave any more.  People don't understand about community and neighbors and being considerate. But that's a topic for another post,... Continue Reading →

It’s a Fine Line

Watchmesurive commented a couple of days ago, "...I have found that sharing is healing, I always keep in mind not to bash anyone because I want to be authentic and that’s just not who I am." I've been mulling that over for the past couple of days. Because I so resonated with what she said... Continue Reading →

The Terror in Sharing

This is about the point, with this blog anyway, where I give up and delete the whole thing.  I've done it twice in the past, and both times convinced myself that it was out of loyalty to my friends and family. Right on schedule, that uneasy feeling crept up again after a few posts.  Once... Continue Reading →

Bad Company and Too Many Dogs

"Bad company corrupts good character" - the Greek poet Menander. Apparently this is a thing.  Bad company corrupting good character.  You end up being more like the people you hang around the most.  There is plenty of anecdotal advice about this on the Internet (or a quick Google search of it, at any rate).   And... Continue Reading →

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