Today I had time to spend between work and a dinner with a friend, so I went shopping, took my wedding ring to a jeweler, visited the beach and had a glass of wine at my favorite wine bar… by myself. And I sat there feeling perfectly comfortable at the wine bar and asking myself,... Continue Reading →


I had some roses in a vase this week, cut from a bush in the back yard. Most of them had run their course and were starting to drop petals but there was one bud that hadn’t yet opened. When I went to throw out the overblown roses I noticed the water had evaporated and... Continue Reading →

The Last Straw

It has been called to my attention, by someone with the degrees to speak to these things, that my husband is a narcissist. My first reaction was denial.  Surely this kind, gentle, loyal man who wouldn't hurt a fly, surely this absentminded professor, surely HE isn't a narcissist.  Everyone loves him.  He's so congenial.  He's... Continue Reading →

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