Two Hands

I was praying today, frustrated because I see successful brilliant people in the news and wonder why I can’t be around more people like that - why instead am I a magnet to the needy and dependent and narcissistic? I could have been one of those brilliant people. I’ve wasted my life instead on people... Continue Reading →

On Mission With Words

I hopped on my blog today to write about how off-kilter my focus had been when I started taking the Christian Worldview class I'm currently enrolled in.  I was so focused on passing, with an A.  So completely missing the point.  And I so have changed that focus now. And then I realized I already... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award

Thanks to spudbuddette at Focus and Refocus for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award! Here's what my About Me page says about why I started this blog: Being a PK and a fine upstanding member of a church, where a lot of people know me, I have learned to hold my tongue.  Because people... Continue Reading →

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